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affiche 2015

43 th edition !

Let's see you in 2015, from August 11th to 16th. The whole team is already moblized to offer you an equally outstanding performance with surprises and novelties.                                 

As announced, here's the poster for this new edition.              

Invited groups are :                                           

  • The Mekar Pribadi, Borneo, INDONESIA.                                           
  • The Somos Cultura Viva company, ECUADOR.                                                                                                               
  • The Balisiers of Basse Terre, Guadeloupe, FRANCE.                           
  • The Grupo Folklorico Cancioneiro of Cantahede, PORTUGAL.                         
  • The Siverko ensemble, d'Arkhanguelsk, RUSSIA.               
  • The National Ballet, SALVADOR.                                                                     For the first time in the festival. 
  • The Makovica folk group, SLOVAKIA. 
  • The Sama Goodness Rythmes group, SRI LANKA.                                                                      
  • The Tibetan Institute of Performings Arts, TIBET.                          
  • The Amilna Company, TOGO.                               

 Programming in 2015 is online.











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