They lived the festival...

 S. E. Tan Sri RAJA AZNAM, Malaysia Ambassador in Paris :

« It’s a great pleasure to participate to such an enthusiastic and friendly atmosphere. You must be very happy in Montoire !  »

Jean THEVENOT, our late friend since 1977 (ORTF) :

« Profitable exchanges between people from extremely different cultures develop in the mood of this exceptionally friendly and warm festival... Don’t be mistaken, it’s a wonderful and profound celebration. »

Dragan PASIC, choreographer of the Nova Varos ensemble (Yugoslavia) :

« In Montoire, each and every one of us feels like a very important person ; more than anywhere else here we are proud to be Yugoslavian. »

DEVI SAMAR, the late director of the Udaipur group (India) :

vécu« This festival is a memorable event for us all. We will go home with our hearts filled with a huge happiness. »

Nataniel GONZALES, singer of Grupo Aymara (Bolivia) :

« Montoire is like our country, it’s our second homeland. »

Philippe de VILLIERS, creator of the Puy du Fou show :

« This festival is a lesson of history, love and know-how all together. »

S. A. ZINSOU. Director of the National troop of Togo, summed up his impressions on the few days he spent in the Montoire festival in those words :

« I dare to say : what some people claim elsewhere by sheer hypocrisy, we actually live it here in the Montoire Folklore Festival : a brotherhood of men. Here the stranger is not an oddity that one admires on stage. He’s a brother whom we meet again after being separated for a year, two years, ten years or even a century. And this friend attends this family reunion with wealths he is happy to share. He fills the others with marvel as well as he marvels at the others. The French man dances with the Togolese, the Bolivian moves the others by his music as much as the Malaysian or the Yugoslavian musician . I dare to prophesy: those who have come and those who are still to come to Montoire and live this atmosphere will go home with a heart filled with the hope to fulfil a paradise of all religions or simply of all human dreams. I dare to sing: hallelujah ! »