International Festival of folklore in Montoire

Festival CIOFF which takes place every year in August

Ballet folklorique d'Amazonie

Ballet folklorique d'Amazonie


To see this group

official opening

Tuesday 13 August 17H00
Réception Hotel de ville

Brazilian dinner

Tuesday 13 August 19H00
Resto Typico Salle des Fêtes

Opening gala

Tuesday 13 August 21H00
Gala Palais de toile

Make-up with Brazil

Wednesday 14 August 11H00
Children's village Jardin du Cloitre

Brazilian animation

Wednesday 14 August 17H00
Animation Musicale Bar de l'Avenue

Conference on Rio carnival

Thursday 15 August 10H30
Conference Hotel de ville

Gala Fiesta Carnaval

Thursday 15 August 21H00
Gala Palais de toile

Brazil dance workshop

Friday 16 August 10H30
Dance course Avant-scène

Gala Panorama

Friday 16 August 21H00
Gala Palais de toile

Official reception

Sunday 18 August 11H00
Réception Hotel de ville

Animation Brazil

Sunday 18 August 12H00
Animation Musicale Avant-scène