Remember that the Festival of Montoire would be illusory without all its volunteers, one wonders if they are the volunteers of the festival, or festival of volunteers!

Since its direction until the last detail of the organization, goodwill, small arms and large hands be there each year (someone since the beginning of the adventure), donate their time for this week's of shows and cultural exchange was a success! They invest themselves body and soul and we salute all of them, young, old and new entrants. Thank you!

Congratulations to those who follow us since the beginning as Marie-Christine Cavanne and Evelyne Touchet, after arrived Alain Tessier and Jean-Claude Mercier, who to this day are still on the team, as long as it lasts!






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If you want to be part of the adventure, join us, you will find your place without difficulty in a team of volunteers. New ideas, new energies are necessary for the health of the organization. Do not hesitate, come as you are! Contact us by e-mail, by phone or mail and tell us the team you want to integrate.

  • In hosting groups, the team prepares and organizes the dormitories.
  • At the technical team, strong arms go up the tent, the bleachers and scenes.
  • The restaurant group, the team provides the service and the good organisation of the refectory.
  • In typical restaurant, the team provides the service and the organization of space.
  • The team sound and light, as its name implies, provides sound and light shows.
  • The group of guides consists of person who accompany the groops during their stay to ensure the link between them and the organization team of the festival.
  • The communications team is responsible for the campaign to promote the festival before and during the week of festivities.
  • The team of the shop welcome the public to present and sale crafts of the world.
  • At the bar, the team welcomes the audience to drink before the show or at intermission.
  • The booking team receive people who want to reserve, organize and deliver the tickets to spectators.
  • The team is responsible to welcome and accompany the spectators the opening night of the marquee.
  • Finally, the sale of ice cream and programs is for younger, before the opening of the tent and intermission on performance nights.


Children and teens can participate in the sale of programs (from 7 years) in the kitchens of the festival (from 12 years), or as a guide (from 18).


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