A Mecca of world cultures

The Museum Show devoted to traditional music instruments of the world was born of the Festival in May 1997.

Thousands of music lovers and pupils have already visited it, as well as hundreds of people whose curiosity was excited by the impressive totem pole standing at the entrance.

All agree on this: it’s a unique and original place which arouses enthusiasm.

There are many reasons for this:

  • Rehabilitation of the old north aisle of the Church of the Augustinian Cloister
  • An original staging brings together nearly 600 instruments from around the world to discover during guided tours
  • A magical space "La Nave Music," where visitors are invited to play on five oversized instruments, created by Robert Hébrard (French musician and instrument maker). The staging makes it a true place of enchantment
  • A giant fresco made by Isa Kabini, n'débélé people's Artist of South Africa. This is the only work of the people that we can see out of South Africa
  • An original mechanized steel band by Pierre Bastien (French musician) and created especially for the museum
  • A "Planetary Attic" where the instruments are arranged by geographical areas and where you can enjoy world music and videos with headphones
  • An temporary exhibition space with free access
  • A craft shop of the world: books, articles and CD of traditional music
  • Outside, a totem impressive, unique hand of the sculptor born in Cameroon Inousa Daouda

André Bride, set designer, Jean-François and Adeline Proux, the project initiators, intended to create a magical and new place, not to mention unique in the world, which would combine conviviality and interactivity...

The Montoire festival can be proud of the continuation it is able to find thanks to Musikenfête.

Visit the website : www.musikenfete.fr